dimanche 9 octobre 2011

Letter to Michael Geilenfeld - You won't be able to depend on USAID's under the table assistance any more.

October 8, 2011
Michael Geilenfeld
Executive Director
St. Joseph's Family of Homes
Port au Prince, Haiti
Dear Mr. Geilenfeld,
Why did you remove USAID employee Jessica Reitz's comments from your new web site?

Did Ms. Reitz ask you to remove her comments? Perhaps, Ms. Reitz no longer wants to be associated with you. I can only hope that Ms. Reitz (and others) will stop doing you favors vis a vis her position at the U.S. Embassy in Port au Prince.
Perhaps, Ms. Reitz, USAID and U.S. Embassy employees will now turn their attention to helping the children you abused and concentrate on protecting children from abuse who are now in your care.
You, Mr. Geilenfeld, are the biggest fool of all. Soon you will be arrested for the crimes you committed against poor and innocent children. This last ditch masquerade of yours is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic.

You can play all the tricks you want, but justice for those you have harmed will prevail. 
You will be tried in a U.S. criminal court of law. You cannot escape. There's no place for you to hide. 

Your enablers, Rev. Patrick Hamrick, Rev. Rick Barger, Rev. Rob Patterson, Paul D'Oliviera, Julie Sutton of the Haitian Timoun Foundation, Attorney Andy Whiteman and now Geoffrey Hamlyn, the newly hired executive director of Hearts with Haiti, among others, will soon be placed in the public spotlight as despicable examples of people who fought with all their might to defend and protect a credibly accused child molester, all the while ignoring the cries for help of the abused children.

From the start, Mr. Geilenfeld, I have repeatedly asked you and the Hearts with Haiti board members a very simple question: "How many times during his lifetime has Michael Geil enfeld been accused of child sex abuse?" 

Is this not a reasonable question to ask an individual who is entrusted with the care and well being of children?

We are listening with open hearts and minds to the heartbreaking stories of the poor and vulnerable children you sexually abused, Mr. Geilenfeld. You have done horrific things to these children. 

You began raping children the moment you arrived in Port au Prince in 1984. At the end of that year, your religious superior called you back to the U.S. and told you not to return to Haiti. But, you did return. A year later, you resigned as a Brother of the Missionaries of Charity, came back to Port au Prince, gathered up the very same boys you had already abused, rented a home, called yourself an orphanage director, and the cycle of abuse began again.

Here's some unsolicited advice. 

Surrender immediately to U.S. law enforcement authorities at the U.S. Embassy in Port au Prince.< br>
Confess to each and every crime you have committed against children in Haiti, the U.S. and elsewhere.

Enter a guilty plea in U.S. federal criminal court for your crimes against children including trafficking, sexual exploitation, engaging in prostitution, sexually abusing minor children and all the other filthy, harmful and terrible things you have done to kids.

Paul Kendrick
Freeport, Maine
207 838 1319
"La vraie reconstruction d'Haïti passe par des réformes en profondeur des structures de l'État pour restaurer la confiance, encourager les investisseurs et mettre le peuple au travail. Il faut finir avec cette approche d'un État paternaliste qui tout en refusant de créer le cadre approprié pour le développement des entreprises mendie des millions sur la scène internationale en exhibant la misère du peuple." Cyrus Sibert
Reconstruction d'Haïti : A quand les Réformes structurelles?
Haïti : La continuité du système colonial d'exploitation  prend la forme de monopole au 21e Siècle.

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