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Haiti - Pedophil : One more testimony of Michael Geilenfeld’s victims.

Emile Milien (Geilenfeld's victim) talking to Paul Kendrick (Child abuse Advocate), in Boston - Massachusset, June 10th, 20110.

In 1983, Emile Millien was a 10 year old boy living in an orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti when Michael Geilenfeld, the orphanage's American founder, first began to rape him.

With his voice rising with emotion, Emile told us that Geilenfeld forced him to put his penis into Geilenfled's mouth. At other times, Geilenfeld held the boy's penis and masturbated him.

Emile was a frightened, scared little boy. Whenever Geilenfeld came near, he would tell Emile to "give me a kiss," and Emile, just a ten year-old boy, would be forced to kiss Geilenfeld on his lips.

This violent abuse of a child occurred countless times between 1983 and 1989.

In 1983, "Brother" Michael Geilenfeld was sent to Haiti by the Missionaries of Charity, an order founded by Mother Teresa. According to Emile, Geilenfeld gathered 4 or 5 boys together with him in a two room house in Port au Prince, Haiti. They all slept together in the same room. Geilenfeld began performing disgusting sexual acts on the boys. In exchange for sex, Geilenfeld gave the boys food, shelter and money.

This past Friday evening, three of us met with Emile (two of us for the first time) in a restaurant in Braintree, Massachusetts USA.  I, along with Paul Kellen of Medford, MA, who is a long time member of the National Survivor Advocates Coalition, and John Unni, a Catholic priest and pastor of St. Cecilia's Church in Boston, listened intently as Emile bravely shared the terrible abuse inflicted upon him when he was a child by American citizen, Michael Geilenfeld.

For twenty-five years, Geilenfeld has been the director of the St. Joseph's Family of (children's) Homes, located in or about the Port au Prince area. During these many years, Haitian law enforcement officials and U.S. Embassy authorities have done nothing to stop Geilenfeld.  Geilenfeld holds enough power and influence in Haiti to keep law enforcement officials away. His threats and intimidation keep victims silent. Meanwhile, innocent kids have continued to be abused.

In recent weeks, Geilenfeld contacted Emile in the U.S. and asked him to speak with John Unni, who in addition to his role as a pastor in Boston, is a member of the Board of Directors of Hearts with Haiti, the major fundraising arm of Geilenfeld's orphanages in Haiti. Unni and members of the St. Cecilia parish community have traveled to the St. Joseph's Family of Homes on many occasions and have raised significant amounts of money to help the children in Haiti.

Geilenfeld wanted Emile to write a letter in which Emile would deny that Geilenfeld ever abused him. Geilenfeld mistakenly thought that if he could get Emile to speak with a nearby Hearts with Haiti board member, in this case, John Unni, then Unni would convince Emile to recant his prior testimony that Geilenfeld abused him (see letter below).

Instead, and not unexpectantly (except in Geilenfeld's sick mind), Unni became overwhelmed by the horror of Emile's story and told Emile he would stand by him and help him and support him. Unni says, "After listening again and again to Emile's story of abuse, I have such serious concerns that I call for an immediate investigation of Michael Geilenfeld by Haitian and U.S. law enforcement officials." 

For all of us present with Emile on Friday evening, there is no turning back. Emile's story has affected each of us profoundly. No child, anywhere, at any time, should have to endure the trauma, pain and suffering inflicted upon Emile.

"Thanks to the courage of Emile and other abuse victims, Haitian and U.S. law enforcement authorities must now pay attention to the crimes committed against children by Geilenfeld," said Kellen. "In addition, tens of thousands of abuse victims, their supporters, and child protection advocates throughout the world are standing side by side with Emile and the other victims as they pursue justice," added Kellen.

We must ensure that what happened to Emile must never, ever happen again to any child. 

Paul Kendrick
Freeport, Maine
207 838 1319

" I was just thinking about Emile. He was bullied, raped, sodomized and threatened by Geilenfeld beginning when he was a 10 years old boy. He's a good man, but so beat up emotionally and physically by Geilenfeld."  dixit Paul Kendrick, Friday night, june 10th 2011.


Here's a copy of Emile's letter to Geilenfeld in response to Geilenfeld's request that Emile recant his prior testimony and deny that he was sexually abused by Geilenfeld.

From: Emile Millien 
Sent: Sat, May 14, 2011 7:30:13 PM

Dear Mike (Geilenfeld),

You have called and asked me to go to father Unni to talk about your been accused of pedophile . God  and you known the truth. For many years I have  been abused sexual, Physically and mentally by you. you have been manipulated every times something like that come on by  talking to father John Unni to defend you. when I went to talk to him I told the truth about I have been a victim of your abuse.  For many years I have protected you by not telling the truth. Now, you  are putting blame on me . Telling the members of your board  how bad person I am. when I was Haiti me and Mark were always stand up to talk to you about child  abuse. You never want to hear us it always your way or the highway.   I never did any bad  thing to you. The only thing I did is protecting  you for many years; now i can't do it no more.  Remember you are the one who raised me since I was a little boy.    I carry this shame for many years. Since you have sent me to  talk to father John Unni I have nightmare about all the abuses. all I wanted from you is to changed your ways and not to blaming me because I'm a victim. I known my right and you need to stop blaming me. you know I'm not the only one victim  by you. I am glad I confess my sins to father John Unni and two with by telling the truth about what happen to me. 

Emile Millien

"Ne doutez jamais qu'un petit nombre de citoyens volontaires et réfléchis peut changer le monde. En fait, cela se passe toujours ainsi"
Margaret Mead (1901-1978)

"La vraie reconstruction d'Haïti passe par des réformes en profondeur des structures de l'État pour restaurer la confiance, encourager les investisseurs et mettre le peuple au travail. Il faut finir avec cette approche d'un État paternaliste qui tout en refusant de créer le cadre approprié pour le développement des entreprises mendie des millions sur la scène internationale en exhibant la misère du peuple." Cyrus Sibert
Reconstruction d'Haïti : A quand les Réformes structurelles?
Haïti : La continuité du système colonial d'exploitation  prend la forme de monopole au 21e Siècle.

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